Clyne Heritage Society

Clyne Heritage Society

Annual Summer Exhibition 2000

Jackie MacLennan

With the success of the first exhibition secured, the Society was almost committed now to hold a summer exhibition annually. The Library had proven a very suitable venue and the Highland Council were happy to let the Society continue its summer use of the exhibition area at the rear.

With the passing away, in 1999, of Jackie MacLennan, aged 99, Scotland’s oldest serving registrar, it was decided to hold an exhibition commemorating his long and incredibly varied and active life.

Jackie had left behind a wealth of material, hoarded over a lifetime of almost obsessive note-taking and collecting, most of which had been bequeathed to the Society on his passing. Once again, the committee pitched into the scanning and printing mode, resulting in a variety of different formats, with no particular in-house standard. One advance on the previous year was the use of titles for each picture.


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